Nick Khan comments on the possibility of WWE RAW moving away from Monday Nights with Netflix deal

During an appearance on The Pat McAfee Show WWE President Nick Khan discussed the news that RAW will be moving to Netflix in January of 2025. Khan was asked about the possibility of RAW moving to a different night and here was Khan’s response…

“At this moment in time, it remains Monday Night RAW. Keep in mind, we have ten and a half months until this deal is up and running. We’re looking at what you’re looking at and what everyone else is looking at, you have a proliferation of gambling with Monday Night Football. You have an enhanced Disney package, better games. You have the Manningcast. This year, it was on ABC and ESPN. Last season, the playoff game they got was Tom Brady at the Cowboys. You also have the college national championships, football and hoops, on Mondays. You have a lot of Mondays where there is stiff competition. That said, even against Alabama-Michigan and Washington-Texans game a few weeks ago, Monday Night Raw did a .6 in the 18 to 49 demo, which is a massive rating against big competition. If we stay on Mondays, it’ll work, if we move to a different day, we think it’ll work too.” (quote courtesy of Jeremy Lambert)