News regarding Zelina Vega replacing Elektra Lopez in Legado Del Fantasma

As previously noted, Zelina Vega returned to WWE television with Legado del Fantasma during the October 7th 2022 edition of Smackdown. Dave Meltzer of noted the following about why Zelina replaced Elektra Lopez…

“The idea is to get the women in the ring, and Lopez vs. B-Fab was a bad idea for the main roster. Lopez was told she’d be part of the group coming up and the story was that her travel was arranged for Worcester, that’s how far it got, and she was ready to debut before the decision was made to replace her.”

Legado ended up picking up a win over Hit Row during the October 14th Smackdown. Towards the end of the match, Zelina attacked B-Fab on the outside of the ring.