News regarding WWE NXT’s decline in viewership and 18-49 demo

As previously noted, WWE was hoping to attract younger audiences with the 2.0 rebranding of NXT.

Unfortunately for the company, television viewership numbers have been declining since an initial spike at the launch of the 2.0 era. The October 5th 2021 edition of NXT drew 632,000 viewers which was down from last week’s 655,000 viewers. This week’s 18-49 demo rating was a 0.13 which was down from last week’s 0.14. Brandon Thurston of pointed out that the median age for this week’s NXT was 62, the highest of any WWE show in recent months.

Andrew Zarian of the Mat Men Podcast noted the following in regards to the situation…

“Spoke to a source this morning regarding NXT’s direction & what the expectations are.

‘The is all to bring a new younger viewer who is connected with pop culture & trends. Needless to say, the demo numbers are disappointing but we are hopeful this is just a bump in the road.'”