News regarding WWE making changes to television segments following Kevin Dunn’s departure

As previously noted, longtime WWE executive Kevin Dunn has left the company after nearly 40 years.

According to a report on Fightful Select, Triple H allowed Jeremy Borash to put together a production team in NXT under the radar from Dunn over the last few years. With Dunn’s departure, the door has opened for that style of videos to air on WWE main roster programming. It appears that WWE is already starting to utilize Borash’s team as seen with vignettes such as the one with Butch (Pete Dunne) and Tyler Bate that aired on the January 12th 2024 edition of Smackdown.

Fightful also noted the following regarding the changes so far…

“We’ve spoken to several people associated with helping put together the promos that spoke highly of the new process and the freedom to to them. One source noted that under Dunn, the segment would have likely cut away to several different things, but the new method was to let the characters breathe, and the segment to play out.”