News regarding Will Ospreay’s thought process with his shoot comments towards Triple H on AEW Dynamite

As seen during the April 10th 2024 edition of AEW Dynamite, Will Ospreay took a shot at Paul “Triple H” Levesque. The week prior on The Pat McAfee Show, Triple H seemingly took a shot at Ospreay for signing with AEW instead of WWE by saying the following…

“When I see people coming out of trying to make it, and then they pick a job where, well, they work less, the schedule is lighter, then I’m like, ‘I’m glad I didn’t pick you.’ If you’re not in it for the grind, at that point early in your career, you have no business being here.”

Following Dynamite, Wade Keller of said he was told that Ospreay’s promo was an idea presented to him. However, Dave Meltzer of stated that the promo was “entirely” Ospreay’s idea and he was willing to “take full responsibility for it” when it was brought to AEW President Tony Khan. Management was said to have cleared the promo when Ospreay made the request.

Meltzer noted the following about Ospreay’s thought process…

“Ospreay felt that when one of the most important people in the business, who he had respectfully negotiated with, had mocked his work ethic and dedication to the business. He had said he’s never knocked WWE or its performers during the entire time. So he wanted to respond. His feeling was that WWE was fully aware about his situation with his partner, woman wrestling star Alex Windsor, and his stepson.”

While negotiating with WWE and AEW, Ospreay reportedly brought up how Windsor wanted to stay in the United Kingdom with her family because she lost her husband to suicide in 2020. Ospreay thought it was “a real low blow” for Triple H to make the remark about him while being aware of the situation.