News regarding Triple H’s status with the NXT brand and Shawn Michaels’ role

According to Dave Meltzer of, there are no plans for Triple H to have any creative involvement with WWE NXT 2.0 for the time being due to his health issues. While things could change, WWE is said to be “very happy” with how Shawn Michaels is running the brand. Meltzer wrote the following regarding Michaels…

“It was noted that was not his job when he was hired, but it fell upon him when Levesque [Triple H] had his health issue and they feel he has great aptitude for the creative process and understanding of how to make stars and make key people stand out.”

It’s being said that Michaels is basically the person in charge of running the NXT brand but Vince McMahon is still able to make the final decisions. Meltzer added that Vince is “more hands on in the sense he does look at the run sheets and scripts but he doesn’t make the widespread late changes” like he does with RAW and Smackdown. Michaels reportedly takes direction when it comes to which stars the company wants to push.