News regarding the contracts of WWE stars brought back under the Triple H regime

Since the start of Triple H’s regime in WWE, several stars that were released by the Vince McMahon regime have been brought back to the company. In regards to the contracts of the returning stars, Fightful Select noted that several of the talent brought back to Smackdown have three-year contracts which are set to expire in the summer of 2025. The site also noted the following…

“Specifically, we’ve also heard that Hit Row have matching deals that expire around the same time, and are on those three year deals. Some of the talent brought back have representation and were able to negotiate different contracts.”

“Several of the talent brought back were able to negotiate the ability to utilize some outside projects and platforms that they would not have been allowed to do at the time they were released.”

It hasn’t been confirmed that all of the stars brought back are on three-year deals.