News regarding how budget cuts are affecting the producers in WWE

Mike Johnson of is reporting that right after Wrestlemania 38, there was a push for WWE to add more producers due to the large amount of workload. Several wrestlers were brought in for probationary roles. However, Johnson wrote the following…

“We are told that the company also recently instituted some budget cuts, so Curtis Axel and Ariya Daivari, who had been working as producers on a probationary basis, are no longer being brought in, which made everyone’s night even harder from a production standpoint.”

Johnson added that the probationary producers have been dropped at least for the short term and the remaining producers were said to have been “extremely overworked” at Smackdown. Jason Jordan, who oversees all the producers, was not at the event because his wife is due to give birth soon. Jordan’s responsibilities were said to have been spread out among the other Producers.