News regarding CM Punk trying to make Drew McIntyre say Vince McMahon’s name on WWE RAW

As seen during the March 25th 2024 edition of WWE RAW in Chicago, IL, CM Punk had a verbal confrontation with world heavyweight champion Seth Rollins and Drew McIntyre. Punk confirmed that he will be doing guest commentary for Rollins vs. McIntyre at Wrestlemania 40.

At one point, Punk tried to get McIntyre to say Vince McMahon’s name by asking who appointed McIntyre as “The Chosen One” in WWE. Back in 2009, it was McMahon that introduced McIntyre as “The Chosen One” on WWE television. Punk said the following during his promo to McIntyre…

“Chosen one? Who chose you? Who? What was his name, huh? You got the balls to say you’re the chosen one? Tell me, what paragon of good virtue chose you? It wasn’t the people in Chicago.”

According to Mike Johnson of, the comments from Punk drew an initial “hush” backstage but once the initial shock wore off, there was no fallout or heat on Punk. Wade Keller of noted the following about the segment…

“Multiple sources indicate Punk wasn’t in trouble for veering into territory that related to the now-disgraced former WWE leader, Vince McMahon. Instead, because of how he steered away from it adeptly after a few seconds while still getting the impact he was looking for as a ‘controversial comment,’ it was seen as a slick comment that enhanced the tone they were going for.”

Keller also noted that Punk is reportedly getting along with Rollins behind the scenes. Punk is said to be receiving positive reviews from numerous sources in regards how he is handling himself amongst colleagues and management.