News (possible spoilers) regarding plans for the 2023 men’s WWE War Games match

As previously noted, it was confirmed that The Judgment Day will face WWE world champion Seth Rollins, Cody Rhodes, Jey Uso, and Sami Zayn in a War Games match at the 2023 Survivor Series PLE.

Dave Meltzer of noted that WWE was considering making the match five-on-five with Drew McIntyre potentially being on Judgment Day’s team. Fightful Select provided more details about the match plans…

“McIntyre has been planned for the heel/Judgment Day side of things, making it a 5-man team. The plan since this summer for the babyface side was a returning Randy Orton, with the reveal tentatively planned before the day of the show as to avoid any CM Punk speculation. As with anything, it’s important to note that creative plans often change, albeit far less these days than in previous years. However, in recent months, Orton and McIntyre were both in the plans.”