Newly drafted WWE star addresses criticism of being called up to the main roster

On Saturday night, Top Dolla addressed criticism of his faction Hit Row being drafted to WWE Smackdown. Top Dolla wrote the following on Twitter…

“Stop comparing us to other people who couldn’t transition to the main roster.

We can promo.



“Ppl wanted me to fail my whole life.

Ppl told me I couldn’t play in college. Started at 19.

Ppl told me I couldn’t make the NFL. Played 5yrs

Ppl told me I couldn’t make WWE. Signed after 1 tryout.

Ppl said I needed NXT. SmackDown 4 months later.

Keep hating, I keep winning”

“Moral of the story is IDGAF what people think or say about me.

I always show up for me when I need me and nobody else does. Not no internet trolls, not no armchair wrestlers that know the business but never been in it. None of y’all.”

Top Dolla also wrote the following in response to a fan…

“Last night [Friday] we cut a promo. Unscripted. Like every promo we ever cut. We made us. Stop talking about things you don’t know.”