New report suggests that Kazuchika Okada is now “likely heading to WWE”

As previously noted, Kazuchika Okada is set to leave NJPW at the end of January 2024. Triple H and Shawn Michaels are said to have “significant interest” in signing Okada.

An article on noted that Okada is now “likely heading to WWE” and the following was stated…

“Although we’re unable to verify with The Rainmaker himself, one source close to NJPW’s top talent has indicated to Monthly Puroresu that it appears Okada is WWE bound, potentially starting in NXT first.”

In regards to Okada potentially making an appearance at the Royal Rumble, he is still under contract to NJPW through the end of the month. A special agreement between WWE and NJPW would need to be made for a Rumble appearance to happen and Okada still has commitments with NJPW into February.