New report in regards to Edge’s internal status with WWE amidst contract rumors

As previously noted, WWE reportedly declined what Edge requested in order for him to sign a new contract with the company and there is a belief that Edge is heading to AEW.

Mike Johnson of reported on Wednesday afternoon that Edge was removed from WWE’s internal roster. However, Johnson was later told that Edge has since been added back to the internal roster but not as an active television performer.

Johnson wrote the following…

“Copeland is no longer listed internally on either the RAW or Smackdown roster.

Instead, we are told is now listed in what was described as a ‘miscellaneous’ talent list for personalities signed but not working actively on either TV series. Others included on that list currently would be Steve Austin, Big E, Undertaker, Titus O’Neill and Braun Strowman, among others, all talents who are connected to the company, but not actively performing or are injured.”