New details regarding the backstage atmosphere in WWE since Vince McMahon’s departure

According to Mike Johnson of, there has been a “major positive change” in regards to the energy and flow within WWE since the departure of Vince McMahon. It’s being said that the feeling of “walking on eggshells” has quickly faded away and there is a new feeling of optimism. Production people in WWE are said to be “extremely happy” and one person stated that the changes have allowed them “to feel like it’s fun to work here.” Several people working for WWE that were considering a departure are apparently hopeful that the “honeymoon feeling” doesn’t end.

Johnson wrote the following regarding the atmosphere…

“One department where that change has been described as ‘massively night and day’ has been inside the company’s production end. The new regime of Nick Khan, Paul Levesque [Triple H] and Stephanie McMahon has come with one massive positive – there isn’t anyone yelling at the production truck or the announcers anymore since Vince McMahon, who was extremely heavy-handed verbally over the course of TV productions is no longer there.”