New details regarding Vince McMahon being backstage at WWE RAW episode

As previously noted, Vince McMahon was reportedly backstage at the March 6th 2023 edition of WWE RAW and was seen in the Gorilla position during the show. According to Justin Barrasso of, multiple people who were backstage spoke off the record and noted that McMahon intentionally “stayed out of the way” during his attendance at RAW. Barrasso had additional details…

“His presence was noticeable, naturally, but he made sure that people noticed he was not involved. Despite being front and center, sitting in the middle of Bruce Prichard and Paul Levesque [Triple H] in the gorilla position, McMahon did not wear a headset, and spent a large portion of the evening on his cellphone. When any of the wrestlers went over to ask Levesque for feedback after his segment, McMahon hardly even raised his head—and never offered any insight.”

McMahon was reportedly not backstage at the March 13th 2023 edition of RAW but Barrasso speculated that McMahon could be in attendance for Wrestlemania 39.