New backstage details regarding creative issues between Bray Wyatt and WWE

As previously noted, former WWE writer Freddie Prinze Jr. talked about Bray Wyatt’s departure from WWE and indicated that Wyatt had creative issues with Vince McMahon.

Sean Ross Sapp of is reporting that according to sources within WWE, there is a belief that Vince no longer liked Bray Wyatt with Wyatt being outspoken about creative possibly being a factor.

Regarding The Fiend vs. Randy Orton at Wrestlemania 37, people involved in the match were said to be unhappy with the creative direction and Fightful had been told that there was “never a true creative endgame for that story.”

Fightful Select noted that there were also creative issues regarding the “burned” Fiend costume…

“Creative was also told about some major frustration around the ‘burned Fiend’ angle, specifically the size, weight and movement of the suit. Though Wyatt hasn’t confirmed this himself, the creative team was told that he believed it was too heavy, was going to look bad and it would be difficult to move inside it, so it was scrapped.”

On a related note, tattoo artist Kyle A. Scarborough revealed concept art for the “burned” Fiend…

“The ‘2 hr. deadline Burnt Fiend’ concept. Major rush job, but out of my control. Wanted to show exposed skull & dripping flesh. I was given the impression my concept was used when it wasn’t, but that’s a whole other story for a later time.

For the record, I liked what was used fine. The mask build was great, though I do think the design was a bit flat. (Design came from their in-house people, apparently). Either way, the blame was placed on Brother Love [Bruce Prichard], so if you liked it, blame him.”