Natalya responds to article that claims she has “major heat” with WWE writers and producers

A report on is claiming that Natalya has “major heat” with WWE writers and producers due to her “backstage behavior.” Natalya’s official Twitter account addressed the report with the following…

“THIS IS BOB. Natalya’s assistant. Your article is COMPLETE SHIT.”

Natalya’s husband and WWE producer TJ Wilson replied with, “I’m definitely going to have to talk to Mr. McMahon about your attitude, Natalya.”

Natalya later tweeted the following…

“You better talk to Mr McMahon, Teege. I’m so mad that I keep getting all these championship matches and tv time across Raw, SmackDown and NXT in top storylines. I’ve been bad. Someone better spank me. 😈#PG14Nattie”

“Now that I’m notoriously difficult and a menace to society, I get rewarded with a championship contenders match! Maybe I’ve been doing this wrong all along! #SmackDown”