Naomi comments on how social media has affected her in-ring work

During an appearance on the Jalen Rose: Renaissance Man podcast, WWE Smackdown star Naomi talked about how social media has affected her in-ring work…

“It can really affect you negatively. It was doing that to me because I care so much about my craft and what I do. So, when I would see bad things I was like, ‘okay, I don’t need to do that. They don’t like that, I shouldn’t do that.’ But then it was changing the way I perform and that’s not what got me here.”

“What got me here was trusting myself, knowing what I’m good at, and believing in myself. I learned how to channel that, how to balance that, and how to cope with social media nowadays. I think it’s so important and it’s something that isn’t really talked about a lot,” she claimed. “You kind of need it because it’s a way to connect and it’s like a part of our career. But you also have to know how to shut it down and filter it and not let it literally destroy you.” (quotes courtesy of