MVP addresses the incident with Seth Rollins being attacked by a fan on WWE RAW

As previously noted, Seth Rollins was tackled by a fan that jumped the barricade during the November 22nd 2021 edition of WWE RAW.

MVP commented on the incident via his Twitter account…

“Go to the wrestling show.
Have FUN!!!
BOO loudly! CHEER loudly.
Scream “YOU SUCK”!
Engage in banter!!!

But DO NOT jump the barricade.
At that point, for YOU the show is over.
And it’s almost always a painful and expensive lesson.”

MVP also addressed the matter on Instagram with a photo and caption…

“Seth is a few quick hip movements from putting this dude to sleep. If the referees hadn’t tackled dude when they did he was probably going to be out anyway. Seth Rollins is a WORLD CLASS PROFESSIONAL ATHELETE that knows how to take care of himself. DO NOT JUMP THE BARRICADE. IT WILL NEVER END WELL FOR YOU!!!!”