Mustafa Ali returns to WWE television during the April 25th 2022 edition of RAW

During the April 25th 2022 edition of WWE RAW, The Miz interviewed new United States Champion Austin Theory for Miz TV. Theory vowed to take the U.S. Title to new heights but then a returning Mustafa Ali interrupted the segment. Miz asked if Ali still worked for WWE and Theory said Ali had taken his ball and went home.

Ali wanted to know if Theory was holding an open challenge on RAW. Theory declined and when Ali said Theory was running away from a fight like The Miz, a match was made between Ali and Miz. Miz said that when he was done with Ali, Ali would wish he had gotten his “walking papers” and Ali slapped Miz.

The two had a match which Ali won. Afterwards, Ali was attacked by Ciampa (no longer using Tommaso as a first name) from behind on the stage.