Musician accuses Rhea Ripley of stealing her look and Ripley responds

Musician/actress @thuggythemuffin wrote the following message on Twitter in regards to Rhea Ripley’s look…

“#RheaRipley #wwe y’all must’ve just seen me on tv and decided to rip my look. I’ve had this tattoo for three years y’all gave her the same tat/ look as me but don’t have her walk out to my music? 😂🧐”

Here was Ripley’s response…

“1. This really isn’t worth my time, but I’m bored.
2. I’ve drawn logos/ random things under my eye for a long time.
3. It’s my group logo, plus in a Libra. It’s scales, you don’t own them.
4. I don’t even know who tf you, so get over yourself and keep my name out your mouth. ⚖️”

Ripley also wrote the following…

“Thinking about calling someone out for ‘stealing’ my look by having the same hair color or hair cut as me… 🤔

Who out there has more name value than me that I can call out? I really want it to scream ‘I want more followers’.”