Mr. Kennedy comments on Gable Steveson’s progress as a professional wrestler

During an appearance on Kurt Angle’s podcast, former WWE star Ken Anderson aka Mr. Kennedy commented on training Olympic gold medalist Gable Steveson as a professional wrestler…

“He’s really taken to it. He’s one of those guys, I remember, he took his first bump, and I told him, ‘Get up this way,’ and he got up the wrong way. Before I even said anything, he just went, ‘Oh–‘ reversed himself back down and did it almost perfectly the first time.”

“People will often say that Kurt took to the business like nobody they’ve ever seen before, that he got it immediately, and you got not only the athletic side of things, but you got the showmanship, the storytelling, and the character stuff. I feel like Gable is on that path. He can do great things. He’s young. He’s very young, but he’s already a man. You know, he’s very young, but when I’m talking to him, he seems you’re talking to an old soul like he’s in his 30s.” (quotes courtesy of Robert DeFelice)