More regarding the WWE releases from Thursday, April 15th

Here are some additional news and notes regarding the WWE releases that were announced on Thursday, April 15th…

* According to a report on, “multiple people among the cuts had inquired about whether or not they were on the chopping block and were told they weren’t going to be among them, only to be cut.”

* Fightful noted that Samoa Joe had recently expressed interest in wrestling again but WWE did not clear him. While her situation was different from Joe’s, Mickie James apparently also expressed interest in wanting to wrestle and not be on the sidelines.

Mike Johnson of speculated on what happened with Joe…

“My gut is this was a decision by the company to cut some of their finances from the board before Quarter 1 of 2021 is publicly released on 4/22 and Joe was one of those trapped in the crossfire.”

* In regards to Billie Kay, Fightful is reporting that Kevin Dunn did not “get” her and felt that there was a ceiling when it came to how far she could go.

* Dave Meltzer of confirmed that all of the released talent from Thursday have the standard 90-day non-compete clause and will still be paid through July 14th.

* Bo Dallas could be moving away from wrestling as Meltzer noted that Dallas has been working in real estate in preparation for life after WWE.

* On Friday morning, Chelsea Green issued follow-up comments regarding her release from WWE…