More details regarding WWE’s “travel day from hell” heading into the 4/10/23 edition of RAW

WWE reportedly had to make “a lot of changes” to the April 10th 2023 edition of RAW due to travel issues. Mike Johnson of PWInsider.com described the situation as a “travel day from hell” for WWE talent and noted that significant changes to RAW were not due to Vince McMahon…

“We are told he went over the original plans for RAW but there weren’t any massive changes made because of Vince. However, there have been some major rewrites to the show, but not because of McMahon.”

Dave Meltzer of F4WOnline.com did state that Matt Riddle vs. The Miz being cancelled “had nothing to do with travel at all” and he also said the following about the situation…

“It was a flight from Orlando that was going to get them to Seattle and there was a delay and that flight got in late and people got in during the third hour.”

Riddle and Sami Zayn did appear at the very end of RAW to save Kevin Owens from a bloodline attack.