More details regarding Top Dolla reportedly having backstage heat prior to release from WWE

According to Fightful Select, there had been “significant creative pitches” for Hit Row prior to the group getting released from WWE but it’s unknown how far they got.

It was previously reported that Top Dolla had “rubbed some people the wrong way” and Bryan Alvarez of noted the following during Wrestling Observer Live

“B-Fab signed a deal and then she was cut a week later. Then, I haven’t heard it, but I heard about it, I don’t know if this is the sole reason, but Hit Row did a song, like a tribute song to the fired B-Fab, and the next thing we know they’re fired.”

“Listen, I don’t know why they were fired. I do know that there was heat. I don’t know if it was over strictly over the song. I do know in NXT there were people who weren’t fans of Top Dolla. Top Dolla was good, the people who were important in NXT, your Hunters [Triple H] and whatnot, they liked him, others did not. I did hear that he had heat in NXT. I was told that part of the reason they were released was due to some kind of heat.” (quote courtesy of had more information regarding the polarizing reactions to Top Dolla’s tweets…

“A couple of internal WWE sources compared it to Greg Hamilton ‘getting a little too comfortable.’ We were told this was not the specific factor leading to his release or that of the group, but was an internal observation. There were others that enjoyed his approach within the company.”