More details regarding Kevin Owens’ new contract with WWE

As previously noted, Kevin Owens’ new WWE contract is reportedly for three years and he will be making between two and three million dollars per year.

Dave Meltzer of noted that because there is not a no-cut clause in the contract, WWE could still make the decision to release Owens. A source within WWE provided comments to Meltzer on how the contract works…

“Someone in his position, who can come in and out of the main events, upper mid card, will make that level at this time. But he won’t get the 90-day clause waived. He wasn’t going to get more money.”

“The 2-3 million a year range is so blinding to people, they sign, not realizing it’s a 90 day contract that renews every day at WWE’s sole discretion. It’s how they ‘got’ Windham Rotunda. He was going to get 3 mil, 3 year term. They went to a 5 year term. He held. They inched up towards 4. He jumped at it. But it’s still a 90 day contract. And with the higher number, it takes less and less to trigger the release.”

According to Meltzer, there were other factors besides money that led to Bray Wyatt’s release which don’t apply to Owens. It’s also believed that Owens signed his new contract “some time back” and that is what led to his current main event push on RAW.