More details regarding CM Punk being backstage at the 4/24/23 edition of WWE RAW

As previously noted, CM Punk was reportedly backstage at the April 24th 2023 edition of WWE RAW in Chicago for a brief period of time to visit people but was asked to leave.

In an update, Mike Johnson of was told that “the talents who saw Punk greeted him warmly as most haven’t seen him since 2014.” Johnson also confirmed with multiple sources that “The Miz and Punk spoke for a short period of time and ‘cleared the air'” over past issues.

According to Fightful Select, there were numerous wrestlers that felt Punk appearing backstage was a publicity stunt to hype up his AEW return. Fightful also noted the following…

“There were several AEW talent in disbelief when they heard that he was backstage at RAW. WWE talent were shocked that he got backstage, even though he’s got history in the company.”