More backstage details regarding the WWE Title match changes at Day 1

As previously noted, it is believed that there were plans for Big E to retain the WWE Title at the Day 1 premium live event prior to Roman Reigns testing positive for Covid-19.

According to, talent were told that Brock Lesnar would be added to the WWE Title match in the mid-afternoon of January 1st. Including entrances, the original four-way match was reportedly scheduled to last around 30 minutes. The match with Lesnar ended up lasting under 9 minutes.

Steve Carrier of noted the following…

“Brock Lesnar winning the WWE Title at WWE Day 1 was a big change of plans, but we were told that it won’t affect WrestleMania.

WWE is still going forward with their WrestleMania direction & the writing team was told ‘this change will only enhance the Roman, Heyman, Brock story.'”