MJF thinks that someone in AEW upper management “has a problem” with him

During an appearance on the Rasslin’ podcast, MJF talked about his future with AEW and a possible jump to WWE in 2024…

“I think there’s a lot of stuff going on in this company that is inaccurate. I think all these ex-fu***ng WWE guys that are making an absurd amount of money. When quite frankly they can’t sniff my fu***ng jock when it comes to the ratings I pull in whenever I am on screen, I think they can all go to hell. I think that somebody in the upper management has a problem with me, and it’s very obvious if you see what I am dealing with week to week.”

“Let’s talk about Shawn Spears, Shawn Spears is an ex-WWE guy that gets it. Now, if/when I were to go over there, I’d have me a ball. Because I have built my brand and established myself here. So, when I go over there, I am not going to have to deal with the same type of bullsh*t that Shawn Spears had to deal with. Because a guy like that has been criminally underrated for over a decade.” (quotes courtesy of WrestlingInc.com)