MJF talks about what makes him “cringe” while watching AEW Dynamite

In an interview with Yahoo.com to promote the Blood and Guts cage match on AEW Dynamite, MJF talked about his style of wrestling compared to others on the AEW roster…

“When I first got into the industry, I was already a student of the game. I enjoyed watching the [Nick] Bockwinkels, the [Ric] Flairs, the Tullys [Blanchard] — who I now get to work with every week — do their thing. The smartest thing about them, contrary to what you see now stylistically in professional wrestling, was that they didn’t want to get hit, they didn’t want to mess their bodies up.

When I watch professional wrestling on AEW Dynamite, I cringe, I want to puke in my mouth a little bit, because I see these guys and they are murdering themselves. They are jumping from the top rope to the floor, they are doing the loopy loops, the twisty turns, the flippity do-das, and they are killing themselves. Some of these people who are younger than me, and I’m already wildly young, might not be able to walk anymore when they get to my age.”

All Elite Wrestling: Age aside, MJF is one of wrestling’s best

One of the remarkable things about Maxwell Jacob Friedman is that he has been wrestling for just six years. In an industry where it usually takes years of work to reach the top of the card in any promotion, Friedman is among AEW’s top drawing stars.