MJF comments on which WWE star he would like to work with and other topics

On Monday night, AEW star MJF answered fan questions via Twitter and here are the highlights…

Best women’s wrestler in the business today: “Tied between Jamie Hayter and Britt baker.”

First thing he will do when he becomes AEW world champion: “Have sex with my fiancé with the belt on.”

If he has any legitimate interest in WWE: “Very much so legit. Contracts up Jan 1, 2024.”

Most overrated wrestler ever: “My friend introduced me to cage match and I didn’t know who the number 1 person was that was ranked. So whoever that person is.”

Tony Khan: “Before he was a mark. Now He pays me a stupid amount of money so he’s a genius.”

Thoughts on Triple H: “Mount Rushmore.”

The first person he’d want to work with if he goes to WWE: “[Kevin] Owens.”