MJF addresses what Tony Khan said about the AEW brand being “under constant attack” from wrestling fans

AEW President Tony Khan recently commented on how he feels that AEW is “under constant attack” from wrestling fans. During an interview with Jason Solomon, AEW world champion addressed what Khan said…

“When you think about why people hate us and why we constantly get attacked, it’s because we’re different and being different makes people uncomfortable. Don’t get me wrong, there is most certainly constructive criticism online genuinely but you’ll find a lot of non-constructive criticism online – just wild irredeemably messed up shit that people are saying that is either untrue or just mean.

I think the reasons that’s happening is Monday Night RAW is the longest reigning episodic television show of all time. We have only been around for what four and a half years – that’s new AND that’s different. Different scares people so I actually do agree for once with Tony Khan’s assessment. I think the issue is we’re fresh, we’re new, we feel dangerous to people and I kind of get off on that.”