Mickie James talks about being “comfortably uncomfortable” during latest WWE stint

During the Grown Ass Women podcast, Mickie James talked more about her release from WWE following her initial comments on social media

“Obviously now, I’m not with WWE. I got my ‘future endeavor’ on Thursday (April 15). I don’t want it to ever feel like I’m not thankful or not grateful because I’ve had so much fun and the girls in the locker room and I’m grateful for so many experiences, but I honestly feel in the last two years that I’ve been comfortably uncomfortable. I’ve been trying to be pigeonholed or fit into a square mold of ‘this is what we want you to be’ and ‘this is what we want you to believe you are’ and I’m just not that. A lot has been happening in the last two years and I’ve been in this little space. I’m not going to get super deep on it.” (quote courtesy of Fightful.com)