Mick Foley talks about one thing that he feels is missing from wrestling today

During an appearance on Thunder Rosa’s TacosYouTube show, Mick Foley talked about what he feels is missing from the wrestling business today…

“The one thing I say sometimes it’s missing. And this is, I guess, a knock on Mr. McMahon. He wants every heel to look like they’re trying to win at every moment. That’s great for some people, but Abdullah The Butcher didn’t go for covers. He looked like he was there to end your life.

So sometimes what’s missing is that aspect that the babyface is not fighting for a win. He’s literally fighting for his life. I think that’s one of the things that’s missing there. It’s another one, you can’t overdo it. You can’t have five matches like that, but if you had one certifiable madman. I’d like to think that in my prime if I had a guy like Darby Allen. I’d be looking out and then there would be tears falling as people feared for his life.” (quote courtesy of WrestlingNews.co)