Mercedes Mone addresses speculation about her pay in AEW, recovery from injury, and future goals

AEW star Mercedes Mone did an interview with and here are the highlights…

Speculation about much money she is making: “I mean, I’m not Mercedes Moné for no reason. Money changes everything. I’m always about that bag. Absolutely.”

Being told to retire due to her 2023 injury: “I love wrestling so much that I could not let the doctor tell me [I won’t wrestle again], I couldn’t let them say that was going to happen. I didn’t take no for an answer. And I pushed hard every single day. Rehabbing, working out, getting my mind right, meditating. Because again, I wasn’t sure when I was going to come back. I just knew that I was going to come back someday.”

Goals in AEW: “I’m all about creating history. I’m all about creating magic, and I’m all about creating so much more. And that’s what AEW brings — so much more, more opportunity, more chances and more chances just to stand out and to be seen and noticed.”