Mercedes Mone addresses her debut segment from the 2024 “Big Business” edition of AEW Dynamite

The March 13th 2024 “Big Business” edition of AEW Dynamite kicked off with Mercedes Mone cutting a promo in her official debut with the company. While speaking to, Mercedes addressed her segment…

“F— yeah, I needed to open the show. All day, I was so full of energy. Ten minutes before the show, I was in gorilla [backstage]. I could feel the energy in the building. When my music hit, I felt the energy and I knew I was home.”

“And I’ve honestly been thinking about what I wanted to say for the past year. When I finally signed with AEW, I put even more thought into it. I decided to speak from my heart. That’s what I did, and the crowd made it so special for me. Everything started in Boston. I wouldn’t be ‘The CEO’ if it wasn’t for my time here.”