Melina addresses rumors of her having backstage heat in WWE

During an interview with The Artist Version One, former WWE star Melina talked about rumors of her having backstage heat…

“This is the way it is for a lot of backstage rumors in wrestling where everybody says like hey I was difficult, and I had an attitude and everything. If you know my personality, I don’t have an attitude. I always do what I’m told. I do everything to the best of my ability. I don’t talk back, like, especially back then. Now, different [laughs]. But back then, I always played it safe, and I always did what everybody told me to do. I listened. Never talked. I just loved what I did, and I knew it was a blessing. I was very grateful every day I was there.”

“So, the backstage rumors thing, that’s what people say when, you know, who knows where it originated from, who the source is. And then you have to consider the source and what their position was compared to mine or if they were jealous, if they were female or if they’re male and I turned down. What is it? When people kind of like try to flirt with you or whatever and then you kind of have to turn them down because you’re taken. You never know their reaction. They hate me because I rejected them. And it’s not a rejection, it’s like I’m taken. So, you never know where the source came from.” (quotes courtesy of