Matt Riddle says things were “a little chaotic” in WWE during the Vince McMahon regime

During an interview with The MMA Hour, former WWE star Matt Riddle discussed the differences between the Vince McMahon and Paul “Triple H” Levesque eras of the company…

“With Triple H in control, a lot more control. In the sense of things are organized. At least when I was there, if they were scheduled for this — unless something catastrophic happened, if somebody got injured or something’s not gonna work out — that’s what’s happening the next day. They write it, it’s actually happening.”

“With Vince, I feel like he did it on purpose. I don’t know the method but like there would be a show. You’d get a script on like Sunday and by Monday, nobody knew what they were doing. The show was being completely rewritten and stuff like that…With Vince around, it was like that probably every week. A little chaotic. I almost felt like he did that on purpose because I feel like when people know exactly what’s gonna happen and you’re doing live TV and you’re trying to get passion and that energy. You kind of get set in a pattern because you know what’s happening…” (quotes courtesy of