Matt Riddle confirms report about what was originally planned for the 2022 men’s WWE Royal Rumble match

It was previously reported that plans for the 2022 men’s WWE Royal Rumble match were changed “literally 20 times” prior to the event. It was also reported that Matt Riddle was initially going to win the match but plans were changed to have Brock Lesnar win.

During an autograph signing session with Signed By Superstars, Matt Riddle confirmed the report…

“I believe — you know, it’s sports-entertainment — that I was told at one point, yeah, I was gonna win the (Royal) Rumble and everything else, and then what was it? Bobby Lashley beat Brock Lesnar because somebody came in and hit him with the belt or what have you. Then Brock came in, didn’t wanna do business with everybody, said he was winning, and then he won, and then none of the producers… nobody stood up to him, and they let him do it. I didn’t either, I didn’t either. I’m like, f*ck man, I’m just here.” (quote courtesy of