Matt Riddle comments on his real life issues becoming part of Seth Rollins storyline in WWE

During an interview with Chris Van Vliet, former WWE star Matt Riddle reflected on his storyline with Seth Rollins in 2022…

“Part of it’s real because you know, my ex-wife did divorce me. And when you’re traveling as much as I am and everything it’s done, I really don’t have a leg to stand as though like I’ll be home to raise the kids. I’m gone all the time. My schedule is not consistent during the week. So you know, I didn’t really get full custody of the kids. I get to see them, I see them like every week. I pay child support, I pay for everything. But yeah, but at the same time I figured there was already some rumours, this that and the other thing, you might as well. When we started this, he had Cody and Randy got hurt. So my stuff ended with Randy because we were gonna go into something and then Seth’s ended with Cody because Cody got hurt. So they paired us up together, but we didn’t want to be just two good wrestlers just wrestling we wanted to make this good. And set doesn’t want anything to just be short-lived. I set those how talented I was as well. So that’s what we’re trying to do. And we were talking about talking trash. I was like, Well honestly what you should say to me, because I know everybody will draw you should just call me a deadbeat dad. That’s why your wife left you took your kid I suggested it.”

“I always liked him. But when we finally talked, he was like, well, you’re like a really cool guy. I was like, Thanks, man. He’s like, I hear all this crap about you. And I’m just like, yeah. [Why didn’t Seth like you?] Well, my ex-wife said some stuff about Becky and Mandy. Like kind of body shaming them and Seth assumed I was like, on that boat as well, which I was not I would never body shame anybody. So then I went up to say that I apologize for my wife’s comments, and I don’t feel that way. And wished the best of luck with Becky and his new baby that was on the way.” (quotes courtesy of Van Vliet)