Matt Riddle comments on Cain Velasquez being arrested for attempted murder

As previously noted, former UFC heavyweight champion and WWE celebrity wrestler Cain Velasquez was arrested and charged with various offenses including attempted murder.

In a video uploaded to the Adam’s Apple YouTube channel, WWE star Matt Riddle commented on the situation with Velasquez…

“At first when I heard that he was in trouble, I was like, ‘oh no, another one from the MMA community, why can’t we just get it right?’ But then when you hear the backstory of what happened and how somebody was let off. I don’t approve of anybody going out and seeking their own justice. But at the same time, out of all the situations and circumstances, this is probably the most ideal if you’re going to run up on somebody and do that. But at the end of the day, it’s never ideal, don’t do it.” (quote courtesy of