Matt Hardy reveals what Triple H offered him right before WWE departure in 2020

During an interview with The Daily Mail, Matt Hardy talked about leaving WWE for AEW in 2020…

“Yeah, well, I think Vince had already made up his mind. He wanted me to make the transition into being a producer and that’s where he saw me at. So, I knew as long as he was in charge he’s ultimately going to get you there, because that’s just how this is. If Vince sees you in a certain light or certain way, and that’s where he wants he’s gonna get you there. They threw some big offers on the table saying myself and Jeff, we can do something with Bray, and they were trying to appease me in different ways and whatnot, and give me something that would be satisfying. But I knew Vince was ultimately going to move me off being a wrestler and move me backstage, and I just wasn’t ready to do that yet. I love this. Me doing this, I feel like a little kid in a candy store, because pro wrestling is what I always wanted to do, and for the last few years that I can physically do it I want to do it to the best of my ability.”

“So that opportunity opened up at AEW to be able to do it (wrestle), and also Triple H gave me a very generous offer to wrestle in NXT and do some of my Broken Matt. Maybe give me a little bit of a stable, and then still be able to supplement that by being a backstage producer with WWE. If it would have been the era where a Triple H was in charge, I could have ended up saying then, maybe. But it was the right call for me to leave and step out to AEW.”