Matt Hardy provides update on his contract negotiations with AEW after attending WWE RAW

As previously reported, Matt Hardy’s AEW contract will be expiring this month and there has been internet speculation about his future with the company.

Matt was in attendance for the March 18th 2024 edition of WWE RAW and during his podcast, he provided an update on his contract negotiations with AEW…

“The reason it got even more buzz is people know my contract is coming up. I’m in the midst of contract negotiations. If you are trying to secure me under contract, I’m a guy you want. Whenever I work for your company, nobody waves the flag harder than I do. Whether it’s promoting the company on social media or promoting the hell out of all the positive the company offers. I do love AEW. There are some things I would like to change about my personal career there, and some of the things we’re doing, but overall I love AEW because it is very important for the pro wrestling industry. AEW needs to do well just because the pro wrestling industry doesn’t need just one huge company that is in control of everything. They need competition. Competition is what makes it thrive and what makes it better. For all the young kids coming up, competition needs to exist. I want AEW to do well and I want AEW to thrive. I want to be in a satisfactory position in what I’m doing in AEW. That’s where we’re at.”

“Still negotiating and figuring things out. Once again, Tony Khan has taken great care of me. He’s been a good boss. I think Tony Khan is a great human being. At the end of the day, when it comes to making a decision about what I do next, it also comes down to making sure I’m happy and I’m comfortable with what I’m doing in all capacities across the board. There is a ton of value in both Matt and Jeff Hardy right now. If you’re online and don’t see that, I’m sorry, but social media does not reflect reality. People know who we are. I don’t want to say we’re household names, but if you’re a pro wrestling fan, you know who the Hardy Boys are. There are people I meet who are like, ‘You look like Matt Hardy, the Hardy Boys who did the ladder stuff.’ ‘Yeah, nice to meet you.’ I get recognized every day I go out in public. That’s promotion and press, you can’t buy that. I’ve been blessed with so much TV time over the years. There is huge value in Matt Hardy, Jeff Hardy, and the Hardys together, especially. That is when we’re at our most value. There is value in both of us. Once again, I want to be used to the best of my ability and get the most out of my value.” (quotes courtesy of Jeremy Lambert)