Matt Hardy gives his thoughts on working in a six-sided ring for TNA Wrestling

During his podcast, Matt Hardy discussed his time working in a six-sided ring for TNA Wrestling…

“It was okay. It was a lot more challenging than a four-sided ring. I mean, full transparency, I would rather wrestle in a four-sided ring, but I was okay with the six-sided ring because I liked that it was different and it was part of TNA’s identity. It really made them stand out and it made them different, so I think that is a good thing to an extent.”

“The most challenging thing to me about it was that now that there are six sides, they’re each shorter. Each one of the six sides are shorter so sometimes there’s a guy grabbing you to whip you and it’s hard to tell if he’s shooting you into the rope to your right or the rope to your left, so it would be easier to get crossed up like that, especially if a guy is just trying to grab you and throw you real quick. In a four-sided ring, it is very obvious what side you’re going to immediately because on a four-sided ring, the corners are definitely a 90-degree angle. On the six-sided ring, the sides are like this, so it’s a little more challenging to know exactly how your opponent is trying to navigate you in a certain direction.” (quotes courtesy of