Matt Hardy comments on the way AEW debuted Satnam Singh

During his podcast, Matt Hardy commented on the negative reaction to Satnam Singh’s debut from AEW Dynamite

“I totally understand why this guy debuted in the spot that he did. We obviously have a big budding television deal coming up in India and he’s going to play into that. And I get the ramifications for debuting him and wanting to use him and highlight him, it’s a big deal. The use of turning the lights out and then turning them back on, if you do that, it builds anticipation with the fans and I feel like it has to be a known star. It’s got to be someone when the lights come on they’re like, ‘oh my god, it’s him!’ Sabu was so famous for doing that in ECW all the time but whenever you turn off the lights, there’s automatically anticipation from the crowd.”

“Like, oh my god, who are we going to see, who are we going to see, it’s going to be a surprise, it’s going to be great. It needs to be someone that immediately when the crowd sees them, they know who it is. Like, oh my god, this is great, Samoa Joe is here or Jeff Hardy is here — whoever it is. I feel like that was definitely the reason why they should’ve brought him out in a different way. But it is what it is, we live and we learn. We all make mistakes and Tony Khan, once again, three years in, it is what it is. He is trying his hardest and his best, and I love the fact that he was very accountable for it and he owned it.” (quotes courtesy of