Matt Cardona says not signing a contract with AEW was “a blessing in disguise”

During an interview with The Wrestling Classic, Matt Cardona commented on his brief stint with AEW in 2020…

“Cody [Rhodes], right away put me in contact with his agent, gave me some great advice. But, like in the wrestling business, if a producer or agent is giving you feedback on a match, sometimes that advice doesn’t work for you. I realized I didn’t need an agent. I wanted to be that guy in the trenches. I wanted to be that guy doing the numbers and negotiating.”

“Cody [Rhodes] set me up for sure, got me that AEW cup of coffee run. I am grateful for that. Didn’t work out at the time, I’ll admit I was bummed out. I was like, ‘Oh sh** now what.’ Looking back, a blessing in disguise. If I had signed with AEW then, I’d be on f***ing Dark. No offense to those guys, but that’s not what I want. I was already that guy in WWE.” (quotes courtesy of