Matt Cardona comments on making his surprise appearance at AEW Collision in a match against Adam Copeland

As seen during the March 30th 2024 edition of AEW Collision, Matt Cardona made his return to the company for a match against TNT champion Adam Copeland. Cardona lost the match to Copeland and said the following about his appearance…

“Yeah, this isn’t just something I would answer Q&As with on Twitter like, who’s your dream match? This is literally my dream match. I’m not even talking about our history, the Edgeheads, all that. He taught me everything that I know in this business. He saved my career. I’m not even talking about that. I’m saying pre me even being a pro wrestler, looking up to Adam, looking up to Jay. Those were the guys.

When they made it to the top of this business, I thought maybe someone like me can and to have this match, honestly, I thought it wasn’t gonna happen. Adam had to retire, he comes back. We’re not in the same company, but alwayz ready, right? It’s not just a nickname or hashtag or catchphrase. It’s the way I live my life, my career, and everything that he’s taught me. Over the years, even things that he doesn’t know he taught me just by me watching. Before I knew him, even now, he’s the Rated R superstar, but because of what he taught me, I’m the self made superstar and I didn’t win tonight. But Adam, if you’re watching this, maybe we go to Long Island, New York, my hometown, put that title on the line, cause I’m alwayz ready.” (quote courtesy of Corey Brennan)