Christian Cage

Marko Stunt addresses Christian Cage mentioning him during AEW Dynamite

While speaking to Steve Fall of, former AEW star Marko Stunt talked about being mentioned by Christian Cage during an episode of AEW Dynamite…

“I was not let aware. I was not aware it was going to be said or anything or that my name was going to be thrown out in any context, because it hasn’t been since October. To do it in that context, I thought it was kind of lame. It makes sense, though, in a way. I was part of that group before him and what he’s basically saying is, he came in and got me fired. In a story sense, love it. In real life sense [throws hands up], it is what it is, I guess.”

Stunt also commented on if Christian “took his spot” in Jurassic Express…

“I don’t think he necessarily took my spot because we are completely different roles. I was more of a hype guy and he’s more of a leader. ‘I’ve been here, done this, let me show you how to get to the top.’ It was a cool concept, but I didn’t think he fit with the group or added any sort of dynamic. Really what it was, was him mentoring Jack [Jungle Boy], that’s ultimately the whole goal. They’re setting up Jack to do great things and have this great push. I’ve known he was going to be that from the start. He’s one of my best friends, we still talk to the day. He even texted me when it happened and we talked about it a little bit.”

“I think that’s where it went, for sure, and where it was headed and where it ended up. I don’t think it was like that at first, it just happened that way. Christian wanted to work with Jungle Boy and that was his way in. It just so happened to push me out of the way and wean me out. There is a certain point where you see stuff coming. I knew back in October, not 100% because they hadn’t told me anything, but I knew in October that I wasn’t going to be there much longer. I knew when my contract was expiring and there was no reason for them to re-sign me.” (quotes courtesy of