Mark Briscoe issues statement regarding the death of his brother Jay

In a video published to Caprice Coleman’s Twitter account, Mark Briscoe issued a statement regarding the death of his brother Jay

“Y’all already know, family is beyond, been beyond important to me in my life. 23 years, me and my brother have been riding the roads, making towns, hitting different countries. Ain’t no way I’ve been wanting to do this for this long if ain’t have my boy with me this whole time. But now, it’s time to carry on for him. Family is beyond. This life is temporary. Let’s focus on the eternal, not the temporal. My brother ain’t with me. I brought my beautiful wife with me, but my brother ain’t with me as he normally has been and normally would be. He’s still with me right here [points to his heart]. He ain’t gone. If I thought he was gone, I wouldn’t be no good. I know he ain’t gone. I know he just moved on to the next higher level of existence. You know what I mean? That’s what keeps me going and keeps me pushing forward.” (quote courtesy of