Mandy Rose opens up about her WWE firing: ” I never had a warning”

During an appearance on Renee Paquette’s podcast, Mandy Rose discussed her firing from WWE in December of 2022 due to content from her FanTime account…

“The next day [after losing NXT Women’s Championship], which I was anticipating with how everything went down, I was making jokes about it the night before. It’s the only way (to get through it). The girls were like, ‘Oh my God, stop, you’re crazy.’ ‘No, it’s not crazy.’ I got a call around 11 something, you know that 203 number [laughs]. When it comes in, you know it’s going to be bad. I got that call, they said what they said, they had to release me because of the situation, but I didn’t really get much info. That was kind of it. I was actually staying at Indi Hartwell’s house, we had become close. She was upstairs getting ready for TV, we had a double taping that day. ‘Indi, I just got fired.’ ‘What? Shut the fuck up. No way.’ ‘No, I’m serious.’ At first, you kind of laugh a little because you don’t know whether you want to laugh or cry. It was a gut punch, but then I was like, ‘I need to really think about this, handle this, whatever.'”

“No one brought it to my attention besides the night before I lost the title, and it was from my lawyer, and it was just saying, ‘take this link down.’ It came from WWE legal. It just said ‘take the link down.’ I complied, obviously, it came from work. Took the link down right away, that night. The next day is when I lost the title and got fired the following day. I never had a warning. I know there is news out there that says I was warned, I never did. It could have been different.” (quotes courtesy of Jeremy Lambert)